Frequently Asked Questions About The Physics Teacher Online

• What is TPTO?
• What are TPTO’s software requirements?
• What are TPTO’s primary features and do I need a subscription to access all of them?
• Do I need a subscription to access TPTO?
• How do I use the search engine?
• Who do I contact if I experience technical problems?

What is TPTO?

The Physics Teacher Online, published by The American Association of Physics Teachers and hosted on AIP’s Scitation platform, is a fully featured electronic version of the print journal of the same name. Dedicated upon inception “to the enhancement of physics as a basic science in the secondary schools,” TPT’s mission was later extended to include the first-year physics course on all levels. Today, about two-thirds of TPT subscribers are teachers in two- and four-year colleges and universities. TPT is published nine times a year, September through May. There are more than 10,000 regular subscribers who teach in schools located throughout the United States and in 60 other countries. Part journal, part magazine, TPT’s goal is to provide a forum for contributors to share with colleagues thier interesting and useful ideas, discoveries, and experiences in the teaching of physics. TPT publishes articles and notes on physics research, the history and philosophy of physics, applied physics, curriculum developments, pedagogy, instructional lab equipment, and book reviews. In addition the journal features monthly columns on a variety of physics-related topics, including Apparatus for Teaching Physics, For the New Teacher, and Physics Trick of the Month. For more information on the journal itself, please visit the TPT Home Page.

What are TPTO’s software requirements?

We recommend the latest production (i.e., non-beta) versions of the browser you prefer with cookies, Java, and JavaScript enabled. It’s quick, free, and easy to update your browser, and virtually all Web sites you visit will be best viewed with the latest versions of the following browsers: Access to full-text articles (except for HTML format) requires software to:
  • View, print and save PDF files, i.e., Acrobat
  • View, print and save PostScript files, i.e., Ghostview
More details on specific software requirementsand related technical information can be found in the General Scitation Help.

What are TPTO’s primary features and do I need a subscription to access all of them?

The following table breaks down feature availability (and access limitations) for TPT Online.

Feature Availability Subscription Required?
1975-present abstracts-only database 1/6/2003 NO
1975-present browsable HTML tables of contents, issue lists, and volume lists 1/6/2003 NO
1975-present browsable HTML abstracts 1/6/2003 NO
Jan. 2003-present browsable HTML abstracts w/ linked reference sections and citing articles links 1/6/2003 Subscription required to view references
Jan. 1998-present full-text of all articles (PDF/PostScript formats) 1/6/2003 YES
Jan. 2003-present full-text of all articles (HTML/Sectioned HTML formats) 1/6/2003 YES
Current online issue search capability 1/6/2003 YES
All online issues (1998-present) search capability 1/6/2003 YES
Bundled access to search SPIN database 8/6/2003 YES
Digital (PDF) Document Purchases for Non-Subscribers via AIP’s DocumentStore 8/6/2003 NO

NOTE: All users will always be able to freely access both the featured articles and the solutions to the preceding issue’s Physics Challenges problems. No subscription is required to view these articles. Please note, however, that non-subscribers will not be able to access the references of the free articles. Prominent links to these articles appear on the entry page.

Do I need a subscription to access TPTO?

A subscription is required to access "premium features" such as full text in multiple formats and hyperlinked references.

How do I use the search engine?

Comprehensive online help regarding the search engine is available here, as well as from links appearing on all search screens. NOTE: The search engine’s main query interface features a link to search the SPIN database. SPIN database access is included with your subscription to TPTO.

Who do I contact if I experience technical problems?

Technical support can be reached at any of the following points of contact:
Online Services Help Desk
American Institute of Physics
Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502 USA
Phone (U.S. and Canada): +1 800 874 6383
Phone (other locations): +1 516 576 2664
FAX: +1 516 576 2604
E-mail: [email protected]
Help Desk office hours are currently from 0730 to 2300 Eastern (U.S.) Standard Time (1330 to 0400 GMT).

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