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This month’s cover is a photo that was taken at an overlook on the road between Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK. It shows the northern lights over the Chulitna River and the peaks of the Alaska Range, including Denali (Mt. McKinley), the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet. This is a two-second exposure. Exposure for most auroras is around 20–60 seconds, so this was an exceptional display. For more on photographing auroras, see Harry Manos’ paper beginning on p. 573 of this issue. (Photo courtesy of C. Scott McGee, 2005;


This month’s cover is photo, by Sarah Kalagvano of Clarkstown High School North in New City, NY, received honorable mention in the AAPT High School Photo Contest (Natural Category). A large virtual image of the photographer’s face is produced by reflection from a flat surface of the iron. Rays reflected from the concave dimples are focused to form smaller real (inverted) images of her face. This picture, along with other contest entries, is featured in a poster that will be distributed with the January TPT.


This month’s cover shows a fish-eye photo of the space shuttle Atlantis as seen from the Russian Mir space station. The authors of “Simulating Realistic Satellite Orbits in the Undergraduate Classroom” describe a simulation-laboratory used to study satellites moving through an atmosphere of variable density. See their paper beginning on p. 452 of this issue. (Photo courtesy NASA.)


This month’s cover shows a stream of water penetrating a soap film. See “Soap, Colors, Holes, and Much More” by L.M. Gratton and S. Oss beginning on p. 338 of this month’s issue.


The quilt on this month’s cover, designed by Julie Becker, illustrates several important physics concepts and also serves as an example of various quilting techniques. Becker discusses how the topics of quilting and physics can be intertwined in her paper beginning on p. 276 of this issue. (The quilt was quilted by Lisa Winkler of Winding River Quilting, Quilt photo by Lloyd Grotjan of Full Spectrum Photo,


This month’s cover B. Cameron Reed discusses plutonium production in nuclear power reactors in his paper beginning on p. 222 of this issue.


In this issue, Robert Romer describes his meeting with Albert Einstein in his paper entitled “My Half Hour with Einstein,” beginning on p. 140.


This month’s cover is Mike Ruiz’s paper, beginning on p. 88 of this issue, discusses prescribing corrective lenses for myopia and hyperopia.


This month’s cover is a sequence of photos showing a high-speed Ping-Pong ball passing through two free-standing, nearly empty soft drink cans. See the paper by Peterson, Pulford, and Stein beginning on p. 22 of this issue.

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