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This month’s cover shows a northern harrier in flight. Bernard Feldman and coauthors discuss the origin of bird flight in their paper beginning on p. 351 of this issue.


The physics of kicking a soccer ball is the topic of Armando Vieira’s paper “Kick-off,” beginning on p. 286 of this month’s issue.


Frost covers the petals of a chrysanthemum on this month’s cover. Gordon McIntosh discusses frost on the Earth’s surface and on other bodies in the solar system in his paper beginning on p. 226.


The Big Dipper rises above Hohenzollern Castle in the Swabian Alb mountain range (southern Germany). Authors Kuo and Beichner describe a classroom vector activity using this well-known constellation in their paper beginning on p. 168 of this issue. (Photo courtesy of Till Credner,


This month’s cover is a montage of solar images from the SOHO (the SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory) website. “The Power of the Sun” is the title of the DVD included with this month’s issue. See p. 72 to learn more about this documentary. (photo credit: SOHO Consortium, ESA, and NASA)


This month’s cover celebrates 75 years of the American Association of Physics Teachers with a collage of physics teacher and student photos. During the year-long celebration, AAPT will recall the role members play in opening students’ minds to the wonders of physics and the doors a physics education can open. Find out more at

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