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December 2005

• Photographing Auroras
• A Low-Cost Sounding Balloon Experiment
• Einstein in My Hometown

November 2005

• Demonstrating Beats with Springs and a Cart
• Challenge Laboratories
• Godzilla Versus Scaling Laws of Physics

October 2005

• Five Quantitative Physics Experiments (Almost) Without Special Apparatus
• Hysteresis Loops of a Ferromagnet
• A Bernoulli’s Law Lab in a Bottle

September 2005

• Soap, Colors, Holes, and Much More
• It’s About Time: Mark Twain’s “My Watch” and Relativity
• Physics the Google Way

May 2005

• Surfing a Standing Wave
• Albert Einstein: The Violinist
• Physics First: The Right-Side-Up Science Sequence

April 2005

• Measuring Distances with Walkie-Talkies
• Einstein in Western Maryland
• Organize Your Own Road Show for WYP 2005 and Beyond
• The Speed of Sound in Air: An At-Home Experiment
• Hands-on Experiments on Faraday’s Law

March 2005

• My Half Hour with Einstein
• Visualization Tool for 3-D Relationships and the Right-Hand Rule
• Advice from an Out-of-Field Physics Teacher

February 2005

• Collaborative Competition? A Great Way to Teach and Motivate
• Teaching E = mc2: Mass Without Mass
• Prescribing Eyeglasses for Myopia and Hyperopia
• How About a Magnet and a Paper Clip?—Experiencing the Interaction Forces Kinesthetically

January 2005

• The Ping-Pong Cannon: A Closer Look
• The Surprising Impact of Seat Location on Student Performance
• Universe Interactive: Static Displays with Active Components
• Speed of Sound Using Lissajous Figures
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