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December 2004

• The Freezing of Streams and Ponds: A Simple—But Uncomfortable—Experiment
• Physics on the Bus—How About Physics on Your Bus?
• The Simplest Motor?

November 2004

• Demonstration of Beats with a Double-Driven String
• Robert Jemison “Tee” Van de Graaff: From Football Fields to Electric Fields
• Physics Outreach for WYP

October 2004

• Model Rocketry in the 21st-Century Physics Classroom
• The Haunted Physics Lab
• Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion for the Classroom

September 2004

• Creating and Maintaining a High School Physics Research Program
• Following in Einstein’s Footsteps: Teaching the Photoelectric Effect
• The X-ray Shoe Fitter — An Early Application of Roentgen’s ‘New Kind of Ray’
• The Metal Detector and Faraday’s Law

May 2004

• Compact Fluorescent Lamp Observed Through a Diffraction Grating
• Reflections on Handedness
• Just What Did Archimedes Say About Buoyancy?

April 2004

• How Many Students Does It Take Before We See the Light?
• Floating Magnets as Two-Dimensional Atomic Models
• Parallel Plate Capacitor at Home

March 2004

• Color Mixer for Every Student
• Kick Dis Power Puck
• Student Explorations of Quantum Effects in LEDs and Luminescent Devices

February 2004

• Wire Diffraction Gratings
• Centrifugal Icicles and an Inertial Paradox
• Rollover of Sport Utility Vehicles

January 2004

• The Pendulum, Gravity, and that Number "9.8"
• The World Year of Physics in 2005
• The Bohr Staircase
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