Past Featured Articles

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December 2003

• Coriolis Force on Your Arms
• Using Computer-Generated Animations as an Aid in Teaching Wave Motion and Sound
• A Student-Centered Interactive Color Quiz

November 2003

• A Triple Rainbow?
• Tycho Brahe?s Stjerneborg
• An Historico-Critical Account of Potential Energy: Is PE Really Real?

October 2003

• Fractals in the Classroom
• Physics Was Once First and Was Once for All
• Projectile Motion Model

September 2003

• Physical Push-up
• Fluid Flow with Logger Pro
• Measuring Horsepower and Torque Curves of a Car

May 2003

• Galileo?s Lens
• The Doctor Is In
• The Answer Is Forty-Two — Many Mechanics Problems, Only One Answer

April 2003

• Specular Reflection from a Rough Surface
• Collecting and Recording Bicycle Speed Data by CBL
• Conceptual Physics in Two-Year Colleges

March 2003

• The Gauss Rifle and Magnetic Energy
• Experimental Determination of Absolute Zero Temperature
• How Fast Is Your Finger? An Introduction to Photogate Use

February 2003

• More Diamagnetism Demonstrations
• Physics in the Art Museum
• A Physics Teacher in Europe

January 2003

• Logarithmic Scales: A Useful Example
• Warning! Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
• Induced Current Measurement of Rod Vibrations
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