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October 2006

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January/February 1993  – October 2006

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Irtishad U. Ahmad, Ph.D., P.E., Florida International University



The Journal of Management in Engineering examines contemporary issues associated with leadership and management for the twenty-first century civil engineer. Though this journal publishes only peer-reviewed papers and case studies, the focus is the practicing consulting civil engineer.

Areas of interest that might be published in this journal include leadership issues such as teamwork, team building, mentoring, coaching, and diversity. Modern management issues such as partnering, project management, office management, professional practice and development, budgeting, financial management, recruitment and retention of human resources, career growth management, lifelong learning, marketing and sales, ethics, technology and innovation management, business process reengineering, motivational theory, incentives, education, training, organization design, strategic planning, conflict management, negotiating, risk management, globalization, networking, and change management are also of interest. Papers that discuss legislative and regulatory issues; corporate and public policy; and the role of civil engineering in the political process at local, state, and national levels are welcomed.

This journal offers a means for researchers and practitioners to present their results in an international forum. Interdisciplinary papers are encouraged. Normally, theoretical papers submitted for publication should include real world applications of the techniques. ISSN: 0742-597X

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