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Standard Features

Welcome to the The Physics Teacher Online (TPTO)! TPTO is a full-featured electronic journal (in addition to print) and provides access to the following:
  • Back issues featuring HTML Tables of Contents, Abstracts, and the full text of every article (in PDF and PostScript formats) back to 1998 (Vols. 36-40).
  • Beginning with the January 2003 issue (Vol. 41, No. 1), the journal will feature HTML abstracts with hyperlinked reference sections, as well as links to editorially related articles (i.e., links between an erratum and the original article) and a list of citing articles (links to articles that cite the article being viewed).
  • Also beginning with the January 2003 issue, the full text of every article will be available in four flavors: PDF (fully bookmarked, threaded, and thumbnailed), PostScript, HTML, and sectioned HTML (the HTML articles come complete with inline equations, tables, and figures, as well as linked references).
  • Three searchable databases: one covering the journal from 1975-present (1975-1997 coverage is limited to abstracts only, with full text available as hard copy for purchase and offline delivery), one to search only the latest issue of the journal, and another to search across all issues with full text available online in PDF and PostScript formats (Vols. 36-present).

Access & Subscriptions

A subscription is required to access "premium" TPTO features (full text, abstracts with references and other links, and the current- and all-issue databases). Non-subscribers have access to the 1975-present abstracts database, tables of contents, and abstracts (without links), and have the ability to purchase PDF versions of articles (1998-present) via the Scitation DocumentStore.

Special Features

Access to the current issue’s featured articles as well as solutions to Physics Challenges for Teachers and Students from the preceding issue is always free (see the entry page for links to the current featured articles, Challenges solutions, and archives of both). TPTO also posts the cover of the current issue (see the entry page) and maintains an archive of cover images (click on "Cover Collection" at left).

Your input is important to the ongoing success of The Physics Teacher; you can send feedback about TPTO to:
Karl C. Mamola, Editor
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
[email protected]
For technical assistance, please read the Frequently Asked Questions; if you cannot find an answer that adequately addresses your needs, please contact:
Scitation Services Help Desk
American Institute of Physics
Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502 USA
Phone (U.S. and Canada): +1 800 874 6383
Phone (other locations): +1 516 576 2664
FAX: +1 516 576 2604
E-mail: [email protected]
Help Desk office hours are currently from 0730 to 2300 Eastern (U.S.) Standard Time (1230 to 0400 GMT).

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