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All orders should be prepaid. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express). US $ prices are valid across the Americas; all other orders will be invoiced in £ sterling.

Subscription prices exclude VAT. VAT is not currently payable on print journals but is charged, where applicable, on electronic and online products. EU customers outside the UK will be exempt from VAT provided they supply their VAT (TVA/IVA/Mwst. etc) registration number with their order. All UK and non-registered EU customers are subject to UK VAT (currently 17.5%). On combined print/online subscriptions, VAT is charged at 50% of the combined price.

All prices include accelerated surface mail delivery. Dates of Subscription All subscriptions are fulfilled on a calendar year basis. Subscriptions can start at any time; back issues will be supplied.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation after service has commenced is subject to a cancellation fee. No cancellations can be accepted once a subscription has been in force for four months or more.

All claims for non-receipt should be made within 4 months of publication date.

Back Issues
Back issues from January 2004 onwards are usually available. Please enquire for availability of those published prior to 2004.

Single Copies
Single copies are available for purchase; please enquire for rates.

End-User Address Details
Subscription agents should provide complete name and address details for each customer. Prices are based on end user location. Please note that we will be unable to process orders from agents if this information is not provided.

Institution of Engineering and Technology Member Rates
Special member rates are available only on orders for print publications placed by members directly with the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

IET Digital Library Subscriptions
New subscribers to the IET Digital Library need to sign a licence agreement in order to arrange site access. Please download the licence agreement, print it out and fill in relevant information such as the IP addresses required for access. Please return it by post (you can also fax it to save time, but please also send a copy in the post). Once we receive the agreement we will set-up your account and activate it as soon as we receive your payment.

Subscriptions to the IET Digital Library covers unlimited online searching, display and local printing by users at a single site.

IET Digital Library Backfile
All 2006 online subscriptions include access to the available backfile. All backfile dates from 1994 except Seminar Digests (1995), IEE Proceedings Software (1997), IEE Proceedings Nanobiotechnology, Communications Engineer, Electronics Systems and Software (2003), IEE Proceedings Systems Biology, Information Professional (2004) IEE Proceedings Information Security (2005), IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems, Engineering & Technology and Micro & Nano Letters (2006).