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Electronics Letters : Subject Coverage

The following topics are intended as a guide and submissions need not be restricted to those areas listed below. for any queries on the scope.

Analogue electronics; digital electronics and logic; power electronics; circuit theory and design; integrated circuits, VLSI, CMOS technologies; MEMs and microsystems; nanoelectronics, molecular electronics and fullerene/nanotube devices; semiconductor technology including diodes and lasers, power semiconductor devices, semiconductor growth, organic semiconductors; superconducting devices.

Antennas, accessories and theory; radiowave propagation; microwave technology, circuits and devices; waveguides and waveguide components; radar and sonar equipment and systems, radionavigation and direction finding.

Biomedical communication; biomedical measurement and imaging; biomedical ultrasonics; biomedical electronics and techniques.

Image processing, image and video coding, image recognition, image motion analysis, image processing equipment, CCD image sensors; speech processing, speech coding, speech recognition, speech synthesis; audio signal processing; adaptive signal processing; array signal processing; filtering methods and theory.

Control engineering, control system analysis/synthesis; cybernetics; fuzzy control; neural networks, perceptrons.

Fibre optics, fibre optic sensors and gyros; optical fibre amplifiers and fibre lasers; integrated optics and optical waveguides; optoelectronics, OEICs, microwave photonics; micro-opto-mechanical and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems; nonlinear optics; optical devices and materials including acousto-optical, electro-optical, liquid crystal and polymer devices; photonic bandgap materials and devices; near field optics and applications; optical logic devices, optical computing techniques, quantum optics, quantum computation.

Optical communication systems and equipment; optical fibre networks; laser optical systems; free-space optics; photonic switching systems; optical information processing.

Communication systems, information theory, modulation and coding; multiple access communication; network design, planning, routing and management; telecommunication; computer communications (LANs and WANs); multimedia communication; subscriber loops, transmission line links; mobile communication, mobile radio systems, satellite communication systems, spread spectrum communication.

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