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IEE Proceedings – Vision, Image, and Signal Processing


IEE Proceedings – Vision, Image and Signal Processing journal covers the following topics:

  • Computer vision topics include reconstruction of 3D depth information, estimation of object motion, attribute based recognition and high level scene understanding.
  • Image processing includes topics such as image enhancement and restoration, feature extraction, low level segmentation and colour and texture analysis.
  • Signal processing including algorithm advances in single and multi-dimensional, linear and nonlinear, recursive and nonrecursive digital filters and multirate filter banks; signal transformation techniques; classical, parametric and higher order spectral analysis; system modelling and adaptive identification techniques; the application of chaos theory and neural network based approaches to signal processing.

The journal also covers source coding techniques used in image storage and transmission; for example vector quantisation, transform and sub-band coding techniques, motion compensation, standards, and 3D model based coding for both video sequences and single image frames. Advances in the field of speech analysis, coding, recognition and synthesis are appropriate to this journal.

Papers on novel algorithms for image and signal theory and processing are welcomed. Papers having practical relevance and dealing with the application of these concepts are particularly encouraged.

Paper of the Month

Mechanism analysis of highly overlapped interpolation contrast enhancement, Vol.153, No.4, p.512-520

Citing this Journal
IEE Proceedings – Vision, Image and Signal Processing is usually cited by the abbreviated title ‘IEE Proc., Vis. Image Signal Process.’ Every article in this journal is assigned a Crossref DOI, which is displayed below the article abstract.

Recent and Forthcoming Special Issues

  • Recent Advances in Image and Video Retrieval
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media Technologies

Author and Reader Benefits

  • Prompt and rigorous peer review
  • Fast publication with advance online publication
  • No page charges
  • Worldwide readership and database coverage, including Inspec

IEE Proceedings journals are available in print and online in advance of printed publication on the IET Digital Library. To access the full-text of articles for this journal, you will need a valid subscription to the IET Digital Library, or you can purchase individual articles by clicking the ‘Buy’ button. IEE Proceedings journals are also available as part of the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL).

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  • Print: 1350-245X
  • Online: 1359-7108

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