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IEE Proceedings – Systems Biology


IEE Proceedings – Systems Biology journal covers intra- and inter-cellular dynamics, using systems- and signal-oriented approaches. Papers that analyse genomic data in order to identify variables and basic relationships between them are considered if the results provide a basis for mathematical modelling and simulation of cellular dynamics. Manuscripts on molecular and cell biological studies are encouraged if the aim is a systems approach to dynamic interactions within and between cells.

  • Genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, cells, tissue and the physiome
  • Molecular and cellular interactions; gene, cell and protein function
  • Networks and pathways
  • Metabolism and cell signalling
  • Dynamics, regulation and control
  • Systems, signals, and information
  • Experimental data analysis
  • Mathematical modelling, simulation and theoretical analysis
  • Biological modelling, simulation, prediction and control
  • Methodologies, databases, tools and algorithms for modelling and simulation

Paper of the Month

Control analysis of the importance of phosphoglycerate enolase for metabolic fluxes in Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis IL1403, Vol.153, No.5, p.346-349

Citing this Journal
IEE Proceedings – Systems Biology is usually cited by the abbreviated title ‘IEE Proc., Syst Biol.’ Every article in this journal is assigned a Crossref DOI, which is displayed below the article abstract.

Forthcoming Special Issues

Selected papers from the ICCSB 2006 Conference held in Shanghai, China, July 20-23, 2006

Author and Reader Benefits

  • Online submission and tracking platform
  • Prompt and rigorous peer review
  • Fast publication with advance online publication
  • No page charges and free journal copy to corresponding author
  • Worldwide readership and database coverage; IEE Proceedings – Systems Biology is indexed in Inspec, and now appears on Thomson’s ISI Web of Science®.

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Previous Title

This journal was originally published as ‘Systems Biology’. After volumes 1 and 2 (total of 3 issues), the name changed to IEE Proceedings – Systems Biology and the volume number changed to 152, in line with the other IEE Proceedings titles.