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IEE Proceedings – Optoelectronics


IEE Proceedings – Optoelectronics journal covers but is not limited to the following topics:

  • optical and optoelectronic materials
  • light sources, including leds, lasers and devices for lighting
  • optical modulation and multiplexing
  • optical fibres, cables and connectors
  • optical amplifiers
  • photodetectors and optical receivers
  • photonic integrated circuits
  • nanophotonics and photonic crystals
  • optical signal processing
  • holography
  • displays

Paper of the Month

InGaN p-i-n ultraviolet-A band-pass photodetectors, Vol.153, No.4, p.212-214

Citing this Journal
IEE Proceedings – Optoelectronics is usually cited by the abbreviated title ‘IEE Proc., Optoelectron.’ Every article in this journal is assigned a Crossref DOI, which is displayed below the article abstract.

Forthcoming Special Issues:

  • Selected papers from “OFMC 2005” by Dr David Humphreys and Dr Martin Wicks

Author and Reader Benefits

  • Online submission and tracking platform
  • Prompt and rigorous peer review
  • Fast publication with advance online publication
  • No page charges
  • Worldwide readership and database coverage

IEE Proceedings journals are available in print and online in advance of printed publication on the IET Digital Library. To access the full-text of articles for this journal, you will need a valid subscription to the IET Digital Library, or you can purchase individual articles by clicking the ‘Buy’ button. IEE Proceedings journals are also available as part of the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL).

Publication Information


  • Print: 1350-2433
  • Online: 1359-7078

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