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IEE Proceedings – Intelligent Transport Systems

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As part of a special promotion, the full-text of this title is available free of charge for all IET Digital Library users until the end of 2006.


IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to research into the practical applications of intelligent transport systems and infrastructures. Submitting authors should specify in their covering statement the area into which their paper falls. Please consult the detailed journal scope.

Information Collection and Processing; In-Vehicle ITS, Safety and Vulnerable Road User Aspects; Public Transport; Demand Management and Electronic Payment Systems; Traffic Management; Fleet and Public Transport Logistics; Emergency and Incident Management; Policy and Institutional Issues; Interoperability, Standards and Architectures; Deployment and Evaluation; Sustainability and Environmental Issues; Funding Scenarios; Enforcement; Human Machine Interaction; Education, Training and Outreach; Deployments with Enabling Technologies

Paper of the Month

Evaluation of arterial incident management impacts using traffic simulation, Vol.153, No.3, p.242-252


IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems will publish selected (and expanded) papers from the 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services, in a Special Issue of the journal. Submitted papers that are not included as part of the special issue, but considered suitable for journal publication, will be published in a regular issue of IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems.

Questions in regard to the consideration of your paper for inclusion in the IEE Proceedings Intelligent Transport Systems, should be addressed the journal’s Managing Editor.

Citing this journal
IEE Proceedings – Intelligent Transport Systems is usually cited by the abbreviated title ‘IEE Proc., Intell. Transp. Syst.’ Every article in this journal is assigned a Crossref DOI, which is displayed below the article abstract.

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Access to the full-text of this journal is available free to all users of IET Digital Library, until the end of 2006. IEE Proceedings journals are available in print and online in advance of printed publication on the IET Digital Library. IEE Proceedings journals are also available as part of the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL).

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