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Engineering & Technology


This is the Institution of Engineering and Technology flagship magazine, published monthly, aimed at professional engineers. Engineering & Technology combines features, analysis, news, innovation announcements with individually tailored career advice and Engineering & Technology Careers. The coverage is wide, including electronics, electrical and power engineering, communications and IT.


The traditional assets of letters, reviews and reader feedback are supplemented by several new opinion columns from a number of high-profile contributors, writing on a variety of matters from technology and management to business themes.

Regular sections include:

  • Editor’s comment
  • Feedback
  • R & D
  • News
  • Gadgets
  • Technology
  • Viewpoint
  • Events

Engineering & Technology is available in print, online via the IET Digital Library and as part of the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL). IET Members receive a free subscription to Engineering & Technology as part of their membership package, and may freely access article PDFs via the Institution’s Engineering Communities website.

Previous Title

Engineering & Technology is the Institution’s new flagship magazine replacing IEE Review and the IIE’s Engineering Technology. Engineering & Technology is published monthly beginning with Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2006.

Publication Information

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Editorial Team


  • Dickon Ross

Managing Editor

  • Dominic Lenton

News Editor

  • Lorna Sharpe

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Recruitment Sales


  • Print: 1750-9637
  • Online: 1750-9645